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How to Stay Productive Over Summer Break

4 big ideas for your summer bucket list.

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Ahhhh summertime at last! I remember how good the bus ride home on the last day of school felt, knowing that you had the expanse of summer vacation ahead of you. It really pains me to say that after summer 2021 I'll only have ONE summer break left in my whole life 😭. Not only is summer vacation a time to revel in your lack of homework but it's a great time for personal growth! Instead of being stuck in school all day, you have all that free time to work on the things that you've been waiting to find time for. But, I know very well that without planning out how you want to spend it, the whole summer can go by and you'll have nothing to show for it. So to prevent that, I'd like to share with you my planning process specifically for summer break! I'd highly recommend incorporating this with your beloved summer bucket list!


Get a Job or Internship

I already know your summer bucket list is like 100 items long so you'll need some cash to see you through all of those bonfires and nights out. If you're on the younger side, feel free to have fun with it and find a part-time job with some friends. I used to swim competitively so when I was younger, I worked as a lifeguard at my pool and I had tons of fun. On the other hand, you are kind of the bottom of the totem pole so try not to be too picky. If you're in college or maybe even an upperclassmen in high school, I highly recommend getting a paid internship in your industry. It'll look great on a resume but more importantly, it's the best way to get your foot in the door.

Create one big goal

By now you know I'm allll about self-improvement. I look at every summer as a chance to work toward at least one self-betterment goal. For example, this summer I'm trying my best to become a better writer. As a student, you could also take some time out of your summer to get better at a subject that you struggle with (for me this was calculus😭). The best way to go about this is to get yourself a workbook for the subject and do a set amount of pages each day. This will definitely come in handy if you're studying for the SATs as well.

Put your summer bucket list into a calendar

Don't let your summer dreams stay dreams! Start planning your top 3 bucket list items with your friends so everyone has time to save up and plan accordingly. We all know the struggle of making plans with a large friend group, making all of your schedules line up is a nightmare. But this summer I, for one, refuse to let plans fall through the cracks after we spent last summer in lockdown. Solution? A shared google calendar. This will ensure everyone can clearly see at least a month's worth of plans in advance and can plan accordingly.

Create your daily routine

So now you've got the big things down, it's time to get into the nitty-gritty. The daily routine you set for yourself is the most important aspect that will keep you productive when you have no due dates or exams. I find that giving myself a bedtime and a time to get up, ensures that I don't waste my days away in bed. Potential things to slot into your day are the obvious work and meals but also think about adding exercise, reading, and self-care. An easy way to plan your schedule is to get yourself an hourly planner! I'll link a gorg one from allthingslillyann here :)


Happy summer guys! I wish you all the sun fun, spontaneous nights out, and lazy days your heart desires💖 And I'm manifesting that you'll have checked off every item on your bucket list by the end of summer of course! And as always you can hang out with me on insta if you'd like(@ariels_view). Thank you so so much for reading through to the end, it means a lot to me🥰



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