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Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions: 6 Self-Help Resources

Cult-favorite books, apps, newsletters, and podcasts that will help you be better in 2023.


This book is a quick and easy must-read that will leave you feeling at peace with yourself and the world around you. Author Don Miguel Ruiz shares Aztec wisdom that has survived the test of time. If you have anxiety, I think the four concepts explained in the book will be especially helpful to you

Another uplifting must-read! This is a fictional story that has timeless truth woven into it. The story follows the journey of a young boy trying to find treasure. Along the way, he picks up enlightening lessons. The Alchemist will make you feel inspired and ready to take on anything, so it's the perfect book to start off 2023!


Meditation and mindfulness are made easy with Headspace. The app curates daily meditations, lessons, and sleep casts specifically for you and your goals. They have a wealth of videos and audio that walk you through meditation basics, which are super helpful if you're a beginner.


I can't recommend this brand enough! Think Grow Prosper was the first website I came across in my self help journey and I still live by its articles today. Written by Ruben Chavez, Think Grow Prosper has some of the most useful and practical personal growth content out there.

This brand by Ryan Holiday is super helpful if you're into wisdom and/or stoic philosophy. Their daily newsletter delivers the perfect inspiring bite-sized reading to your inbox every day. If you're new to philosophy, The Daily Stoic does a good job of teaching its audience about different stoic philosophers alongside modern and timely messages.


Bobo Matjila hosts the podcast Bobo's Void where she and her co-host talk about pop culture and societal norms through a philosophic lens. Bobo's content expands your mind and will have you questioning the way you think about even the most mundane things around you. She posts visually stunning clips from her podcast episodes (which she films in South African nature) on Instagram.

I will always put people onto this podcast as it's hosted by the unstoppable force that is Kelechi Okafor. Tune in every Monday for tarot readings, pop culture hot takes, and explicit cuss outs of racist individuals. Listening to Kelechi unapologetically speak her mind will give you the courage to do the same.


Happy new year! Best of luck with your resolutions and I hope this year brings you inner peace. Come say hi over on my insta and tik tok!



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