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Best College Advice for Freshmen from a Senior

As someone with only one semester left (yay!), here are some things I wish I knew as a freshman in college.


Going to college can be scary because it's a leap into the unknown for most people. You're leaving the town, people, and school structure you've always known to go into something completely new. If you're anxious (understandably so) know that the vast majority of your peers feel the exact same way. Know that what feels unknown in August will become familiar by September, and you'll learn to thrive in your new environment. And over your 4+ years, you'll become well-versed in braving the unknown.

Soak up as much as you can

When you're a student, most people are inclined to help facilitate your growth as a young adult and as a professional. Being at University means you're at a mecca for personal and professional growth that is hard to find elsewhere. I know professionalism may seem like an odd concept to you now, but by the end of your four years, it'll be something you care a lot about. Soak up all of the lessons, connect with tons of people, and build your skillset as much as you can while you're in college!

Build and nurture friendships

Beyond college, relationships become harder to maintain, so cherish and nurture all of your friendships - they will last you a lifetime! Schedule recurring times to meet with your friends weekly. You can get together to do homework, watch your favorite T.V. show, or do fun things off campus. My friend group loves to have dinner together every Sunday and host movie nights, for example. When I graduate, I know I'll miss having all my friends in one place!

Build and nurture professional relationships

College is a great place to network with professors and staff. Go to their office hours, get to know them, and ask them questions about your industry and their experience. I've had the pleasure of being invited to lunch and other settings where I was able to get to know professors, staff, and professionals, and they were always super insightful! Any chance you get to connect with people - take it!

This will make you stronger

College has been one of the greatest phases of my life for personal development. You will meet people from all walks of life and experience parts of life that you were previously blind to. You'll come across new challenges and new joys, things you thought were set in stone will evolve and become brand new. On the other side of this, you'll be a whole adult with a life and career ahead of you! So, embrace every moment, even the bad ones, because they will make you stronger and prepare you for the real world.


To all incoming freshmen: you'll be great! I hope this gave you some reassurance. Check out the college posts below if you liked this one! If you want to see more of my day-to-day, follow me on insta @ariels_view :)



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